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 Utilizing a hands-on approach to learning, our school’s curriculum offers our students daily challenges to explore and discover the world around them through problem solving and critical thinking. Each level, Nursery, Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 offer opportunities for practicing self-care, fine and gross motor skills, and physical well-being plus developing and fine-tuning language skills through poetry, song and stories. The curriculum is designed to develop self-confidence and self-awareness in preparation for the future. Lessons are presented individually, in small groups and whole groups by qualified teachers. Children are then allowed to continue working independently at their own rate. Subject matter is drawn from the learning standards: mathematics, reading, language arts, religion, science, social studies, music, art and more. Subjects are blended to present well-balanced lessons. Monthly themes lead the path of learning and material presentations. The school is well equipped with a multitude of educational materials. Whole group activities encourage social- emotional development through using communication skills to interact with peers, following directions and so much more.

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