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Holy Family Day Nursery School offers a program which consists of Full-Day Nursery (2.5 years old), Pre - K 3 and Pre- K 4 Classes. Children are accepted between the ages of 2 ½ through 4 years.

The curriculum consists of both active and quiet activities. Time is allotted for sharing, songs, dance, stories, gross and fine motor activities, auditory discrimination, visual perception awareness, sense-perceptual development, preparatory reading, language, mathematics, Life Skills and writing skills, as well as arts and crafts. S.T.E.A.M. activities are integrated into the curriculum. Daily, time is set aside for creative play and the children have access to an outdoor environment.

Our program tuition includes morning and afternoon extended hours, a hot lunch and afternoon snack.

Nursery Class   (2.5 years)

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The Nursery Class opens the world up to the youngest of our students. They participate in activities that start the process to laying the foundation of their life-long learning. Cognitive, academic, social and emotional skills are nurtured. These skills are cultivated through an enriching environment that encourages self-expression, language development, independence, self-care, and basic academics. Nursery level is a time of growth and exploring, discovery and testing. Social skills begin to emerge as cooperative play is encouraged.

Pre - K 3  Class    (3 years old)

The Pre-K 3  classroom is where 3 year old students are engaged in educational activities leading them to build their own knowledge foundation while continuing to master both basic Life Skills and beginning academics. At times the Pre-K 3 classroom may seem quite structured while other times the students will be allowed to move freely about the classroom as they work at hands-on activities and self-exploration.

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Pre - K 4   (4 years old)

The Pre-K 4 classroom is the place to hone in on specific learned skills and behaviors. The Pre-K 4 students continue to develop their autonomy, organizational skills, cognitive and Life Skills, and self-discipline. They spend their Pre-K 4 school year preparing themselves to master the art of being good citizens of the world while academically preparing for the multifaceted world of elementary school.

Call for registration information 973-235- 1170

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